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Job Postings

Marine Mechanic

Clark Boat Yard & Marine Works, LLC
Job Description
Marine Mechanic: Inboard, outboard, gasoline and diesel engine winterization and commissioning, maintenance and repower.  Must be dependable and motivated.
General Boatyard Technician (GBT): Boat hauling, shrink wrapping, mast stepping, powerwashing, hydraulic trailer operator, crane operator, skid steer operator and boat handler. (GBT's can be trained by Clark Boatyard. The main qualification is dependability and a willingness to learn new skills).
There are opportunities for an exciting career in the marine industry at Clark Boatyard, as we are currently in the process of expanding our company !!!
                    Office: (401) 423-3625
                    Cell: (401) 864-6363
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