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Plant Manager

Symmetrix Composite Tooling
Job Description
Symmetrix Composite Tooling, Inc. is hiring a plant manager immediately for its Bristol, RI facility.
Symmetrix Composite Tooling is a multi-axis digital fabricator specializing in composites and serving progressive industries such as alternative energy, transportation, marine, art, and architecture, operating multiple tooling plants located across the country. Staffing and training a top-quality crew of craftsmen is a priority along with proper shop facilitation on a job by job bases. Our success is measured by the quality of work coming from each site, as well as the profitability, regulatory compliance, and safe operations of the facility. The on-site, day to day management of the tooling plants is essential to the success of the company.
The Plant Manager will be responsible for effectively planning, directing, and coordinating all activities of the tooling plant. The role will innovate manufacturing processes and methods through continuous improvement. Managing workflow and scheduling while maintaining financial goals.
Working under the direction of Senior Management, the Plant Manager will:
  • Staff all positions and have the authority to direct and manage the day to day activities of the tooling plant.
  • Be responsible for the safety of the workers and all site regulatory and permitting compliance requirements.
  • Promote team building, process training, and safety culture.
  • Be responsible for profitable operations as measured by the SYMX Cost of Goods Sold method.
  • Schedule jobs with on-time delivery at quality standards.
  • Host and manage weekly Program Review meetings.
  • Reports to and supported by the centralized Sales, General & Administration team in method and process.
Direct Reports will include:
  • Shop Floor Manager
  • Bookkeeping & HR
  • Sales & Project Management
The successful candidate will be a strong team leader with an understanding of:
  • Scheduling and project planning
  • ERP/MRP software
  • Large format CNC machining
  • Finishing work with meticulous attention to detail
  • FRP production processes
  • FRP tooling methods
  • CAD/CAM and Rhino 3D basic knowledge
A talented, hard working person with a positive attitude will win this position. Salary is competitive and balanced with experience. To learn more about Symmetrix Composite Tooling, you are welcome to view the company website (www.symmetrixcomposites.com) and Facebook. If you feel you meet the above standards, please e-mail your resume to careers(a)symmetrixcomposites.com.
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